Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Tales of the Fairy Anthology

Step into the realm of the fairies, where darkness and light come together to create a world full of mischief and magic. A place where pixie dust and brownie favors are often counter balanced by the sinister temptations and mad schemes of the darker side. Here, you can choose to walk with the heroes or be carried away by the fairy lover of your dreams. Just be careful not to fall too deeply, you may never come home. In this collection, ten talented authors have come together to bring you sixteen fantastical stories of the lighter and darker sides of the fae. The product of this collaboration is an incredible journey into a world that will whisk the reader away on gilded wings, but might not let them go.

Stories by Catherine Stovall, Zoe Adams, Andrea L. Staum, Cecilia Clark, Shannon Eckrich, Shebat Legion, Mariana Thorn, Lillie J. Roberts, Lexi Ostrow, K.R. Wilburn.

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