Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review of Nash

Author: Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men #4
Rating: 5 Stars

Nash picks up right where Rome left off.  He is dealing with the news that the man he has known as his uncle is in fact his father, the father he grew up believing didn't want him.  While in the hospital with Phil, Nash meets Saint.  She is very nervous around him and he finds out they went to high school together.

I know a lot of people believe Saint is a little whiny and has low self-esteem but I loved her.  She was real!  Saint was overweight in high school and not many guys wanted to be with her.  She grew up, lost weight, but didn't lose her self-consciousness.  She believed she was hideous because of something she overheard Nash say that she believed it was directed towards her.  I'm sure many people have been in a situation similar to this before.

Nash and Saint had to overcome a lot in the trust department.  He was so incredibly sweet that it made me love him as much as I loved Rule.  

This has to be my second favorite in the series.  If you haven't picked them up yet....what are you waiting for?


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