Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Ten Books I Wish I Could Read Again For the First Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we make lists of bookish things! 

These books are not placed in any particular order.  They are just ten books I wish I could read again for the first time!

10.  Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - This was the first NA book that I ever read.  I am now on a huge NA kick and it all started here!  I was lucky enough to meet Jamie McGuire at RT and I now own a Property of Travis Maddox t-shirt!!!!!!!! 

9. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers - I waited sooooooooooooooooo long to read this book!  Why did I wait so long?  Ninja nuns???  Enough said!

 8. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl - Seriously, this has to be one of my favorite series.  It is set in the south and the story is told from Ethan's point of view!  

 7. The Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski - This duology broke me!  I had a serious book hangover after reading both books.  I couldn't start another book for a whole day after finishing this. 

 6. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover - This book destroyed me!!!!  I can't believe I had it on my Nook forever before reading it.  After reading it I raced out to get Losing Hope which is told from Holder's point of view. 

 5. Talk Dirty to Me by Dakota Cassidy - Another book set in the south!  This series is hysterical.  It revolves around a phone sex company and how the main characters just fall into working there.  It was such a feel good book that had me laughing and crying!

 4. The Infernal Devices trilogy - I wish I could read this whole trilogy again!  Each book help me captivated and the ending.....just WHOA! 

 3. Jemima J  by Jane Green - I stumbled upon this book while I was in college and then immediately read everything Jane Green had written up to that time.  To this day, Jane Green is one author that I pre-order all her books without even knowing what they are about. 

 2. P.S. I Love You by Ceclia Ahern - Yes, it was a book before it was a movie.  This has got to be one of the sweetest books ever!  I have re-read it a few times and just purchased my own copy to read again soon.  If you love the movie then you should definitely read the book!

 1. The Harry Potter series - I wish I could start this whole series over and do a marathon reading of it!  Funny thing is the first time I started the series I quit reading it.  It wasn't until the first movie came out and the ending blew me away that I picked them back up and the rest is history.  I have re-read every single one of these books EXCEPT Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  In my mind, if I re-read that last book....it's really over.  (Yes, I know it is but still....)

So what are some books you wish you could read again for the first time?


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  1. I 100% agree with wanting to read the Harry Potter series again for the first time! The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd are definitely on my list.